Leonberger Prices in Australia, Price: $2250.00
 04 Nov 2018


  10 Feb 2019



leonberger – one of the most magnificent beasts of the dog world. No wonder you’re looking up how much they cost, who wouldn’t want one?!

A brief bit of background on the Leonberger – they are a mix of Newfie, the long haired version of a Saint Bernard, and the wondrous Great Pyrenees. As you likely already know, they are a jumbo-sized breed. Reaching up to 75cm in height and coming it at around 70kg once fully grown.

The price of the dog should not have an influence over your decision to which breed you get. This is not a toy you’ll play with for a week, not even for a couple of months. You’re adding another member to your family for years to come.

Leonbergers aren’t easy to come by, nor are they common. As such, the price of a puppy or aged dog of their breed can be quite significant.



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