Mens Clubmaster Sunglasses , Price: $45.61
 10 Oct 2018

 Fashion & Apparel

  13 Feb 2019



  • POLARIZED LENSES ▶ LUENX polarized lenses filter out scattered and reflected light to minimize glare while further enhancing contrast and your ability to perceive color. This stands to improve comfort by reducing strain on your eyes? even during the brightest days of summer. For those searching for additional style,non-mirrored lenses provide an appearance that’s both bold and timeless.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT FRAME DESIGN ▶ The exterior of our frames provides a clean, streamlined appearance while on the frame’s interior sides, we’ve reduced the material used in areas subject to minimal stress and reinforced target areas for maximum durability. This significantly reduces the weight of our frames and allows them to be extremely thin and flexible.



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