About Us

OzDial is an upcoming and a promising Australian multidisciplinary digital company that is based in Melbourne. OzDial promotes the growth and development of small business ventures and aims at helping them becoming big business ventures. With many online services, OzDial provides the customers to build their profiles of their own businesses, companies, or even their own personal profiles to buy, sell, auction, give or get jobs in and across Australia.


Originally, the company developed in 2005 to promote smaller enterprises and help them grow into bigger companies. We focus on helping them in digitalizing and reaching wide audiences from Australia. Our aim is to lend a helping hand to every small or big entrepreneur to grow and achieve their dreams. OzDial has come a long way and continues to take the steps towards achieving their aim and objectives.

OzDial’s Objective:

Our objective is to digitalize every enterprise possible in the ever changing technological and digital world.


OzDial provides services to a wide range of audiences. To the business enterprises, we provide services to promote their businesses locally across Australia. The businesses can sell, auction or post deals about their offers to get a space in the digital business market. They can also post job vacancies or approach potential candidates before the candidates do. Restaurants, car dealers, or any kind of other entrepreneurs have a higher chance of getting a market to grow their business in Australia.

People can buy or auction products through OzDial’s website just by creating their profile and posting about a product or item from their homes that they are no longer using. They can apply and browse for jobs by filtering everything – from qualifications, to the kind of work they are interested in or details like filtering the miles as well. With many services, OzDial has not only added benefits to the business owners but also to the general population in many areas. We aim to also provide the best of the services across the country digitally and help in connecting the entrepreneurs with their potential customers.

Key Highlights:
Job Portal -

1. available to post ads regarding vacancies of the positions in the company

2. approaching potential, talented candidates before they are hired by other companies

3. Efficiently seek jobs using filters.

Buy-Sell Portal –

1. Post ads to sell products that are no longer for your use and earn extra money

2. Browse and buy things one might need for their home

3. Auction the products for higher bidding.

Deals and offers Portal –

1. Grow your business by encouraging audience with attractive deals by your company

2. Engage the audience and family of Australia with offers that no one can resist.

What makes us different from others?

There are many websites you will come across, each in their niche, excelling and offering the best of the services possible. We, at OzDial, try to consolidate and offer all these services that you need just at one place. With authenticity and double fact checking, we at OzDial assure safety, promising experience, and attractive deals you wouldn’t see everywhere. If you haven’t already, sign up now!