Badges -

Add an ‘ABN Verified’ Badge

How do I get an ABN Verified Badge for My Business Profile

By adding an ABN Verification Badge, give your business best integrated Legal identity.We highly recommend you adding Australian Business number to your Business Listing. Having an ABN will make it easy for your customers to look up your business or organization and confirm your details for sales or service orders.

To Claim an ABN Verification badge:

  •   Log in to your Business Account
  •   Click on edit option and add Australian Business Number.
  •   We will update your profile with an ABN Verification Badge.


  •   Provide real results by certifying and verifying the business listing
  •   Eliminate anonymous reviews
  •   Offer Your users with trustworthy info so as to make right choice

Add a ‘Popular’ Badge

How do I get a Popular Badge for My Business Profile

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, team or an individual, adding popular badge will give your Business a Competitive edge. Engage your Customers, generate more leads with Customer alerts and never miss a Prospect.

To Claim a Popular Business badge, you need:

  •   ABN Verification
  •   500 Business Profile Views
  •   10 Customer Reviews

  •   Extend your Local reach
  •   Gain Popularity
  •   Triggers buyers intent
  •   Lead generation
  •   Increase your Business Exposure
  •   Help Customers make right Choice
  •   Grow traffic & sales Online

Add a ‘Trustworthy’ Badge

This Badge is totally based on the Trust and Popularity you have gained amongst your Customers. Add a badge and showcase the world that as they shake hand with you, they can be confident that they are in safe hands. In fact, you have an opportunity to engage with them before they even enter into a sales process.

To claim a Trustworthy badge, you need:

  •   Verified ABN
  •   Verified Business Email
  •   15 Customer Reviews
  •   Overall Business rating of 3 and above


  •   Gain Customer Loyalty
  •   Increased Credibility
  •   Higher Conversion
  •   Customers can compare Local Businesses
  •   Wider Reach
  •   Help Customers Buy with Confidence