Adams Furniture Restorations

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Adams Furniture Restorations

High Quality Furniture Refinishing And Upholstery Services

We are the one-stop company for providing the quality furniture refinishing & upholstery services, serving customers in Hobart & Channel Regions for long 34 years. Staffs are expert in all stage of furniture restoration. No matter of size, material or fabric your furniture is, we can handle it.


  Antique Restoration And Repairs
  Furniture Restoration And Repairs
  Upholstery Restoration
  Furniture Finishing


Adams Furniture Restorations provide high-quality furniture refinishing and upholstery services Since 1984, serving customers in Hobart and Channel Regions. Our professional staff will give a new life to your piece of choice by replacing the existing fabric with high-quality fabrics that suit your personality and style. We have come across a variety of furniture restoration requirements and enjoy coming up with innovative ways to deal with unique issues. Our specialists can refurbish your furniture, no matter of size or material or fabric your furniture is.  Our services: Antique Restoration And Repairs, Furniture Restoration And Repairs, French Polishing, Furniture Finishing, Re-caning, Upholstery Restoration, Striping.  Call us today for a free quote.

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