George Rechnitzer & Associates

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George Rechnitzer & Associates

George Rechnitzer and Associates offers expert forensic engineering services and reports for your legal needs. We have provided businesses, individuals and families in the Melbourne community (and Australia wide) with the forensic support to achieve desired outcomes in a large number of legal cases.


  Accident Reconstruction Expert
  Forensic Engineer
  Workplace Accident Investigation
  Collision Reconstruction
  forensic accident investigation


Dr Rechnitzer has conducted extensive work in road safety, crash worthiness (cars, trains, trucks and other mobile equipment), occupational health and safety, accident and incident investigation, analysis and countermeasure development for injury prevention. Dr Rechnitzer has carried out a number of in-depth investigations for the State Coroner of Victoria, as well as consultancies on vehicle safety-related projects for BHP, Australia Post, SECV and the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

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