Hardy's Verandah Restaurant

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Hardy's Verandah Restaurant

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Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant offers some of the finest dining in Southern Australia.


Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant offers some of the finest dining in Southern Australia. Their award-winning menus  elegant atmosphere and exceptional service have earned them three chef hats from the Australian Good Food Guide of 2018 and outstanding placements in other wine and restaurant lists.  Surrounded by the hills and vineyards of Piccadilly Valley  Hardy’s diners can enjoy the magnificent scenery  as well as specialty services which include:  A Fine Dining Restaurant - Both short and long story tasting menus are available and every dish  from the appetizers to dessert  prioritize fresh ingredients grown in the nearby Adelaide Hills.Private Dining Rooms -  Combining these exquisitely decorated  private dining rooms with Hardy’s menus provides you with the perfect celebration for any of life’s special occasions.An Exclusive Wine Cellar - Dark  cool and quiet  this 170 year old wine cellar houses the  best listing of South Australian wines. Experienced sommeliers will help you pair the best wines with your meal.A Lounge & Cocktail Bar - The relaxing atmosphere of the Arthur Waterhouse Lounge provides the perfect place for casual drinks and meals. It includes a generously stocked cocktail bar and skilled barman.    Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant provides unforgettable dining experiences that you don’t want to miss.Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant invites you to savor a rich array of flavours from the chef’s kitchen and wine cellar at Mount Lofty House. In the late 1800s  Mount Lofty House hosted the parties of Southern Australia’s finest and today it welcomes you to:  Explore grande cuisineRelax in a cozy loungeSavor a cocktail that captures the seasonEnjoy a unique decor that blends simple with sophisticatedAppreciate the awe-inspiring view of the valleyExperience a friendly and efficient hospitality team  These aspects of Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant have earned it three chef hats from the Australian Good Food Guide of 2018  AHA Awards and a place in the finals for Australia’s Best National Wine List and Best Sommelier.  Along with its outstanding service  Hardy’s also offers a bird’s-eye view of the sprawling vineyards and rolling hills of the Piccadilly Valley. All year-round  diners can enjoy the beauty of nature’s handiwork  while also enjoying Hardy’s services which include:  A Fine Dining Restaurant - The head chef and culinary team regularly create both short and long story tasting menus which highlight the best flavours found in the Adelaide Hills and around the world.Private Dining Rooms -  Mount Lofty House’s original dining room and several cellars have been transformed into carefully decorated  private dining rooms that provide the perfect place for celebrating special occasions.An Exclusive Wine Cellar - Originally dug more than a century ago  Mount Lofty House’s wine cellar contains only the finest wines  including the best Southern Australian wines. Expert sommeliers manage the wines and work with the chef to pair each course of the meal with the perfect wine.A Lounge & Cocktail Bar - An open fireplace  comfortable chairs and generously stocked cocktail bar give the the lounge a relaxing atmosphere. It is the ideal place for a before or after dinner drink  as well as casual meals.   The extraordinary menus  excellent service and refined atmosphere at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant makes it a must-visit for anyone in Southern Australia.

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