Jewellery Valuation Laboratory

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Jewellery Valuation Laboratory

Registered Jewellery Valuer

Registered Jewellery and Diamond Valuer. We provide professional and independent jewellery valuation certificates and reports prepared according to National Council of Jewellery Valuers guidelines, by registered valuers.


  Melbourne Jewellery Valuation
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As Melbourne’s leading jewellery valuation and appraisal service provider, Jewellery Valuation Laboratory specialises in the assessment and valuation of jewelleries, coloured stones, diamonds and pearls. Whether you need jewellery valuation for insurance purposes, family division purposes, divorce settlement or to find the re-sale value, our registered jewllery valuer provides unbiased report and value of your jewellery. Once we complete the valuation, we will provide you with a document signed by our valuer, specifying each item in full. Our valuation report is acknowledged by all leading insurance companies and lawyers for probate and family division. Whether you need gold jewellery or diamond valuation Melbourne, our gemologist can evaluate your precious items in compliance with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers code of ethics. With Jewellery Valuation Lab, you can be rest assured that you are given accurate valuation without compromising the quality standards. For price estimate and appointment, we invite you to call the team at Jewellery Valuation Laboratory.

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