Junk King

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Junk King

Junk King offers instant rubbish removal solution at affordable rates in Sydney and Melbourne.


Our team of professionals are reliable, friendly and fast to carefully hand remove any type of residential or commercial junk that you have lying around. As a leading junk removal company, our crew are trained to disconnect, disassemble and collect your unwanted items. Whether it is a large wardrobe or a bulky refrigerator, we'll haul it carefully out of the property and onto our trucks for quick disposal. Just simply call us and inform us of what you need to get rid of. Our experience and services extends to more than just household garbage as well as corporate junk, construction site waste and commercial rubbish. We'll happily collect furniture, electronics, appliances, refrigerators, computers, mattresses, renovation debris and general clutter. Text or call Junk King on 1800 348 228 to book for a fast and cost-effective way to get rid of your unwanted junk immediately in Sydney or Melbourne. Let's get started on removing your junk today.

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