LHD Lawyers Gold Coast

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LHD Lawyers Gold Coast

LHD Lawyers are a leading Australian law firm providing quality personal injury, compensation, litigation, commercial law services and more in Australia.


  Compensation Lawyers, Commercial Lawyers, Aviation Accident Lawyer, Supermarket Injury Claims
  Comcare Lawyers, Medical Negligence Lawyers, Workers Compensation Lawyers, Car Accident Lawyer
  Car Accident Lawyer, Motorcyclist Accident, Will Disputes, Family Law Solicitors
  Criminal Defense Lawyer, Insurance Claim Solicitors, Employment Legal Advice, Contesting A Will
  Income Protection Claims, Commercial Litigation Lawyer, Corporate Fraud Lawyers


LHD Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm providing quality legal services to individuals, businesses and communities for over twenty-five years. As expert compensation and litigation lawyers, the firm has helped thousands of Australians to settle compensation claims as a result of motor accidents, workers compensation, negligence and public liability issues. It also has a strong track record in running complex and high profile class actions and supporting businesses in settling complex commercial disputes. 

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