London Bridge Custom Patches

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London Bridge Custom Patches

London Bridge Custom Patches with 50% embroidery.


The London Bridge is located between London and South Painting and is considered to be the Iron Bridge or Tower of Cannon Street. It produces the western end of the London pool. On the south side of the bridge is the South Paint Cathedral and the London Bridge Station; it is the only bridge on the Thames above Kingston and was opened in 1750. The London Bridge was built in 43 AD as a wooden bridge. Everyone knows the famous phrase in the British nursery rhymes: "The London Bridge is going to be awkward!" refers to this wooden bridge. Our London Bridge Custom Patches each patch measures 1.6 inches tall by 3.6 inches wide inches in size, and the size of the patch can be customized according to your needs. The patch is iron on backing and laser cut border with 50% embroidery. We design London Bridge Custom Patches ranging in different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials at an affordable price, it is a good choice for London city lovers. If you like our London Bridge Custom Patches or any other kind of patches, just contact us for details. Also, you can visit our website at There is no minimum if you order. Welcome to order our Custom Embroidered Patches. 

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