Pencil Head Custom Art

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Pencil Head Custom Art

Specialising in portraits of people and pets

Custom hand drawn artwork specialising in portraits of people and animals


  Custom artwork of all kinds including portraits of people and animals.
  Specialising in charcoal, graphite, colour pencil, watercolour paint and mixed media artwork.
  Artworks of all sizes, very open to clients' ideas.
  Domestic and international postage available
  Online service available (email / messenger)


I am a Brisbane based artist, specialising in portraits of people and animals (with the occasional house, cartoon/caricature, vehicle etc). I generally stick to charcoal, graphite, watercolour paint, colour pencils or mixed media.  Works are priced individually depending on what the client is after. No artwork too big or small.... I've drawn lifesize portraits, as well as postcard size pets!! Please get in touch with your ideas, I'm a real person and can provide you with suggestions/options to suit different budgets...

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