Resicert Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne - Inner South East

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Resicert Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne - Inner South East

Resicert - Brilliant inspections, Best reports, Fast!!!

Services offered include building inspections, pest inspections and pool safety inspections.


  pre purchase building inspection
  handover defects inspection
  building and pest inspection
  building and termite inspections
  building and pest inspection


At Resicert, we offer a range of property inspection services including building inspections, timber pest inspections and pool safety inspections all in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. There are different types of building inspections available with pre-purchase and vendor inspections being the most common. We have also had great success with pre-listing inspections. We are so confident that we offer brilliant inspections and the best reports, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Why you should give us a go: - Over 30,000 inspections completed across Australia - More than 20 years experience in property - No "scary" language used in our reports - We understand how not to freak the prospective buyer - Easy to read reports as we use simple English and no building codes - Fast service - Reports are available within 48 hours - Reports are backed with Professional Indemnity Insurance - Resicert is accredited to ISO 9001 - Fully insured - $1 Million in coverage

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