Rex Paine - Timber Supplies Melbourne

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Rex Paine - Timber Supplies Melbourne

Unsure about what arrangement of copse will plan best for your project? The experienced, accessible and accomplished Rex Paine aggregation is actuality to help with the timber supplies Melbourne.


  Timber Supplies Melbourne
  Hardwood Timber Supplies Melbourne
  Treated Pine Supplies Melbourne


Whether its satisfactory timber supplies Melbourne that you’re after, we’re positive to have what you’re seeking out right here at Rex Paine. Over the years, we’ve carefully advanced a reliable delivery of ethically sourced timber alternatives, which can be perfectly suited to the conditions in Melbourne. We've got a large preference of long lasting framing timbers, as well as treated imported lumber that is ready to head to be used as dependable, stable foundations. Something you require, we will deliver it immediately to internet site online with our expert transport service. Currently in a suburb you’re now not familiar with? We offer house lots brought anywhere you are and e mail the invoices immediately to you. It couldn’t be easier! Here at Rex Paine, we’ll display you all of your alternatives. We take a vested interest to your challenge, assisting to make sure that the development method is an effective one. To Know more call us on 03 9435 2555 or visit

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