TY International Constructions & Supply

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TY International Constructions & Supply

TY International Construction & Supply provides all services in plastering profession. We have more than 70 dedicated team members with more than 10 years of domestic’s homes experienced.


We provide our service over 1000 homes per year and constantly boosting our self to provide the bestest and highest quality for all our customers. Our Vision is to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions across Melbourne and all metro area of Victoria. TY Plastering believe in our team and its strength as we love what we do, We provide services like Domestic Plastering, Patching, Hebel Construction and Maintenance services. TY Plastering gives you domestic plastering service with CSR Gyprock, USG Boral products with Hebel construction, which is easy to handle, quick to build with, versatile and eco-friendly. Our painting services are very neat and clean to ensure completion to perfection without any patches.

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