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Premium Sleep Mask - Natural Silk, Adjustable Luxury sleeping mask Giftbox set with Earplugs and Carry Pouch, Price: $14.99

  •   Australia
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  •   20 Jul 2022
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  •   431 days left
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100% PREMIUM SPA FEEL WITH TOP QUALITY SILK: High quality, super-soft and smooth silk fabric ensures a natural feel on the skin. In addition, the material is breathable for a cool and comfortable wear experience which ultimately contributes to good sleep. The premium look and feel will instantly give you a spa-like resting experience. In addition, our classic design doesn’t make you look like wearing a bra on your face, such as with other cheap 3D masks. 

✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAP, ADAPTABLE TO ALL HEAD SIZES: While other products often use a simple Velcro mechanism that doesn’t fit small or large head sizes, the straps of our premium sleep mask can be extended and shortened on two sides. This adjustability allows our premium sleep mask to perfectly anybody. Easy-to-adjust, No Slipping, No uncomfortable pressure, No tangled hair in Velcro. 

✅ NUMEROUS BENEFITS OF UNINTERRUPTED REM SLEEP WITHOUT PILLS AND SUPPLEMENTS: Ideal sleep is important as it may increase energy levels, cognitive functions and improve your mood. Our premium sleep mask blocks out light completely facilitating uninterrupted sleep and maximize REM sleep. This may benefit people suffering from insomnia and migraine headaches due to lack of deep sleep. 

✅ INCLUDING SILK POUCH & EARPLUGS + HYGIENIC STORAGE CONTAINER: To prevent any disturbance from noise our premium silk sleep mask comes with soft earplugs plus hygienic storage container. Also, with the included lightweight silk pouch you can take the sleep mask with you, to enjoy spa-like sleep on the road, in the office, while traveling, or during naps in general. Perfect also for backpackers to get uninterrupted sleep in noisy hostel dorms.

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We have full confidence that our product will satisfy your expectations and needs since we use our premium sleep mask set ourselves. However, if upon arrival you wish to return our product you can easily do so and we will reimburse you to guarantee your happiness.


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