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The Game of Life - Trip Advisor Holiday Edition - Family Board Game , Price: $25.00

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  •   22 Aug 2023
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The Game of Life

The Game of Life game lets players hit the road for a roller-coaster life. Choose a path for a life of action, unexpected surprises, and dream vacations, but spend cash wisely because the wealthiest player at the end wins the game.

Choose a Path

In The Game of Life game players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life. Move the car token around the gameboard from Start to Retirement, and experience unexpected surprises related to family, career, dream vacations, and other milestones of life. Who is headed for wealth and fortune? The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

Dream Vacations

This edition of the Game of Life game includes Vacation cards inspired by TripAdvisor. Get ready to take that dream vacation, but be prepared to expect the unexpected. A player could pick the ski trip card and collect lots of money from the bank, or get the card saying that their flight was cancelled at the last minute, resulting in a payment right back to the bank. Spin the wheel and spend money wisely while experiencing the ups and downs of vacations ranging from an exciting safari to a rained-out day at the beach.

Retire Rich

Who has what it takes to win The Game of Life game? It's the family game that's easy to set up, quick to play, and exciting along the way. Players imagine the life they want by choosing their path along the gameboard. Will they receive a fortune and lose it as quickly as they got it? Will they need a bank loan to pay a debt? Once everyone reaches the end of the game at retirement, everyone pays their debts and adds up their wealth. The player with the most money wins the game.


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