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Posted , 19 Feb 2019 | Job Id :3CBD-6915-50618575
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Elementary School

  • Full time
  • Annual salary package $40,000- $44,999
  • Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia

Job Summary: Your goal in this role will be provide teaching support to our classroom teachers, between various classrooms and grade groupings. When you’re not in a support role, you’ll be leading physical education programs and activities for students from K-7.

Job Details:

Whether it involves mentoring students with challenging academic or socio-emotional situations, or coming up with great games and encouraging teamwork, you’ll be a familiar resource for every one of our students.Most importantly, you’ll be committed to our teaching philosophy, and be able to get students excited about everything our school has to offer.

You’re perfect for this role because you have the following in spades:

  • Passion – teaching is your calling, and you do more than just educate, you inspire.

  • Investment – you care about our students, and take pride in their achievements and growth. This keeps you motivated to be constantly improving in your role.

  • Interpersonal skills – you’re very good with people, and are as comfortable hanging out with 6 years olds as you are talking pedagogy with leaders in education.

  • Empathy– you can sense when a student may be struggling socially, emotionally or physically, and look for ways to foster health and wholeness.


  • Bachelor of Education (Elementary)

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science.

  • B.C. Ministry of Education Certification.

  • Experience /interest in classroom technology.

  • Experience/interest in physical education.

  • Must be able to pass a criminal record check.

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