Business Execution Officer - By Products
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  • Hobart TAS, Australia

Job Summary: a leading global multi-metals company, producing significant quantities of essential resources - zinc and lead, as well as other metals such as silver, gold, and copper. We are present across the globe with Mining and Smelting Operations in America, Europe, and Australia, with our Corporate Headquarters located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Job Details: Key responsibilities of the role include, but are not limited to:

Order execution

Ensure transport is coordinated in compliance with Nyrstar environment, safety requirements, and Commercial Terms.
Develop and maintain a comprehensive By Products plan to maximize cash flow & shipments with sales and logistics to minimize stocks & working capital.
Translate sales contracts into sales, transport, and service (Labs, surveyors, assay exchange, umpire labs etc) orders. Calculate pricing for order execution, provide pricing to customers to activate the hedging process.
Price orders based on assays, splitting limits and metals quotational period hedging for the timely and accurate management of invoicing.
Participate in the collaborative planning of end to end order execution process flows from order creation, booking of transport to export documentation required at destination/delivery. Meet customs export compliance requirements.
Liaise with sales, customers, inventory planning and shipping lines to create visibility/forecast future supply and sales orders. Reflect the planning visibility through order entry and delivery planning in SAP
Timely and accurate preparation and coordination of transport, weighing, customs, bill of lading, certificate of analysis, country of origin and LC documentation with related third parties and stakeholders
Monitor the status of material and document movements through the order execution process flow including assay exchange, use of splitting limits and umpire laboratories. Liaise with relevant stakeholders to jointly manage issues and communicate progress.
Create customer loyalty through effective planning resulting in excellence in quality, service, delivery

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