Engagement Executive
Posted , 07 Feb 2019 | Job Id :4C83-1615-49516566
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Ambassadors and Volunteers

  • Casual/vacation
  • Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Job Summary: You will work closely with the Marketing and Fundraising Teams to embed the engagement strategy and develop processes and procedures across the programs.

Job Details:
  • Deliver the newly created engagement strategy across the National Ambassador and Influencer Program, the Volunteer Program and the Events Program
  • Develop processes and procedures for internal stakeholders to leverage the programs
  • Develop the recruitment framework for volunteering
  • Implement strategies to retain Ambassadors and Volunteers
  • Manage relationships across all programs
  • Develop multi-channel communication techniques to ensure Ambassadors, Influencers and Volunteers are engaged
  • Develop and implement a recognition process to thank and acknowledge Ambassadors and Volunteers at key millstones  
  • Develop and implement a strategy to manage lapsed Volunteers and Speakers

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