Prison officer
Job Id :CB01-5615-42885885
Premium Job

Govt. Job

  • Casual/vacation
  • South West, WA, Australia

Job Summary: You will be given a case load of prisoners, and will guide these men to adopt more positive behaviours, while also maintaining important partner, family and friends relationships and community connections.

Job Details: Based in Lara, near Geelong, approximately 60km from Melbourne.
Maximum security facility with capacity for 478 (30 June 2018) male only prisoners.
Facility designed to maintain the highest possible safety and security of prisoners and staff.
Prisoners work in different on-site industries, such as woodwork, metalwork and in-house services, such as the canteen, barber shop and bakery.
Prisoners also have various physical exercise stations available, such as outdoor gyms, to ensure health and wellbeing is maintained.

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