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Posted , 27 Feb 2019 | Job Id :57B3-5115-51262942
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Eolas International

  • Part time
  • Melbourne VIC, Australia

Job Summary: Audit packaging quality on behalf of a large FMCG Multinational Client.

Job Details:

Market Research Auditor – Melbourne, Australia - FMCG Sector


Quarterly (Part-Time)


Audit packaging quality on behalf of a large FMCG Multinational Client.

Our client is a global multinational company producing a wide variety of product containing some of the world’s biggest brands. We are seeking a person to assess the quality of these products on-shelf in store. 

You will be required to visit stores in your area and rate products using predefined criteria, full training is provided.

Data is collected electronically and entered into a handheld device to maintain a high level of accuracy. By collecting this data you will aid our client in improving product quality so your role in this process is vital. Your responsibilities will include but not limited to the following; managing your location, building relationships with store managers and collecting data. You will have the opportunity to be part of our expanding team within your location and country.


We require a trustworthy and hardworking person, who is willing to be trained and accept feedback on factors including product rating to ensure the high standards of Eolas International. The candidate would need to be settled long-term in the location and be able to give a certain commitment to remain with Eolas for some time. You will gain a detailed insight into FMCG product assessment and quality.

This role would suit people looking to gain experience in the field of market research, working hours are flexible so this role could easily be completed by those in full time or part time employment. This is an ideal job for those looking to gain real world experience and gain an insight into different elements that effect some of the world’s biggest brands.


A 30 day window every 3 months will be provided to complete the work. The work is completed once per quarter (working windows are approximately Feb, May, Aug, Nov), and should take approximately 12 full days. Auditing the products in supermarkets can take up to 3 hours per store. You will be responsible for creating your own working schedule.


Communication skills, candidate must have good written and spoken English

Excellent time management

Attention to detail

Must be able to work off your own initiative

IT proficient, have access to Broadband and PC/Laptop

APPLY HERE: http://www.eolasinternationalportal.com/recruitment/recruit.php

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

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