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Uncle Sam Custom Stickers is a die cut sticker made by GS-JJ Company for Americans. Uncle Sam looks like a handsome old man in a waistcoat, a star spangled hat and a goatee. The image was painted by the famous painter James Montgomery Flagg for the public information committee based on his face. Americans see Uncle Sam as honest, hardworking and patriotic, a trait they share with the pride of their citizens. If you're American, then why not buy a custom sticker with American spirit. Our Uncle Sam Custom Stickers are made of vinyl and can be used indoors or outdoors.

In our company, customers can buy meaningful stickers, and we have gone through strict procedures to customize stickers for customers. If the customer needs us to design the sticker pattern, we will draw the customer's pattern and send the picture to the customer for confirmation before production. Our die-cut stickers are often customized stickers. Whenever you contact us, you can buy Die Cut Stickers No Minimum from GS - JJ.

Size: 2.6”

Style: die cut stickers

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