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Don’t like it anymore? Not using it anymore? No problem. You can give it away and earn money out of it as well. With OzDial, it is easy to get noticed and reach more people. You will savea lot of your time while also increasing your sale with us. Continue to retain more and more customers, and earn big revenues. We also have Advanced Features for effective selling.

Auction or fixed price selling, the choice is yours!

Sell Bigger and Quickly with Auctions

If you don’t want to sell your item at a fixed price and want to try getting the best price for it, put up your item for auction. With this, you’ll be able to sell quickly, reserve the price you desire and also sell at the maximum price you can.

Did you imagine earning from the things you already own? Here’s the deal for you!

Why us amongst all the business listing websites?

With OzDial by your side, benefits are at the tip of your fingers. To give you a glimpse, you will have :

A competitive marketplace.

Faster Selling rate.

Businesses can expand customer reach.

Serve niche markets.

Sell or buy nationally, throughout Australia.

Plans & Pricing

We provide Plans to fit your needs. Our Plans let you customize the feature you need the most. With plans ranging from small to large, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.