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Doraemon is a famous children and SF cartoon by Japanese cartoonist Fujiko f. Fujio. Doraemon Comics narrated a cat robot from the 22nd century-Doraemon, back to the 20th century, with the help of a variety of future props to help the primary school student Nobita to resolve the difficult problems. This cartoon round and humorous, funny, touching stories that happen in life and with the little mates around them.

Our Doraemon custom stickers are 2.5 inches tall. If you like doraemon, you should not only buy doraemon posters, but also buy doraemon custom stickers. GS-JJ Company has all kinds of comic stickers and providing our customers high quality custom stickers. Our contact email address is info@GS-JJ.com and telephone number is 1-888-864-4755

Size: 2.5"

Style: die cut stickers

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