Ivy - NSW Bull Terrier Rescue

425 Abermain NSW, Australia

My name is Ivy and I’m a minature bully. (About 20kgs)

I’m 7 years old and unfortunately have been bounced from home to home.

I wanna permanent mummy and or daddy.

I am very special. I love my humans and enjoy tickles and cuddles and more cuddles.

I don’t like being left alone and I can get a bit yappy. I’d love it if I had an all day human buddy.

I don’t dig or chew but if a thunderstorm comes, I’ll grab a toy and shake it around. I HATE STORMS!!!

Walk time is one of my favourite

times of the day. Im pretty good on the lead but sometimes I might pull a wee bit If I see something exciting.

I don’t get aggressive when seeing other dogs on lead but I do like to look. I haven’t been really socialised with other dogs so probably best I’m kept an eye on.

I’d prefer being my humans only pet. I’ve never been around little kids etc or other pets.

I love my food and its best to just let me eat without being disturbed.

I shouldn’t be given big bones or big chewy treats as I get obsessively protective over them.

I am a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of girl, but the only time I get upset is when you leave me or storms. I have a bit of a cry.

My place when you are home is right by you, inside and preferably on the lounge or maybe we can negotiate if I get my own soft bed.

I needs a new home so if you would like to know more about me please fill out the form below!

Rehoming number R251000061

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