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A shield is a protective device just like armor, is used in armed conflict, primarily to ward off external attacks. The difference between a shield and armor is that the armor is worn, while the shield is often held in the hand. Shields vary in size, from large enough to cover the entire body, to small enough for close combat. If you like marvel movies, you'll find that captain America also has a circle shield.

The Shield Custom Stickers are a very delicate die-cut sticker. This sticker can be used as a car sticker. Its advantages are waterproof, sunscreen, colorfast, and no glue left when torn off. It is a very popular sticker. You can make the size of this sticker bigger and put it on the car.

You can see that our Shield Custom Stickers are die cut stickers. You can custom shield kiss cut stickers in GS-JJ.com. We don't charge any customization fees. If you don’t know What Are Kiss Cut Stickers, you can read our blog die cut stickers VS kiss cut stickers.

Size: 2.9”

Style: die cut stickers

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