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With Highlight feature, your advertisement stands out in a unique bold blue background from the others, thereby giving your ads up to 200% increase in views and response than conventional ads..

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Why should you Highlight your ad?

  • Your ad’s uniqueness makes you distinct from others

  • You attract buyers’ attention which helps you to improve sales.

Best of it

  • Stands you out as being unique.

  • Attract first time visitor and regular ones to your advertisements; as such, highly recommended to boost sales.

How does it function?

  • The Highlight feature helps to makes your ad fly against a brilliant blue foundation in the indexed lists for greatest visibility. Blue light symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence and trust. Your ads would attract the confidence, and trust of buyers to increase sales.

  • The position of your ad does not get changed in the listing by the highlight feature.

  • The highlight feature is applicable for service-related ads only.

  • The more attention you draw to your ad, the more the chances of you getting your product sold.

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