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Get adequate exposure on the OzDial homepage

The homepage of OzDial gives you that premium advantage of having your ads displayed on our website in addition to maintaining a copy on the regular listing. With this feature, your ads are displayed in two places while also benefiting unlimited views.

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Why should you go for Homepage Special ads?

  • The ads on the homepage are visible to all buyers and not only buyers in some categories

  • Very effective for special offers such as Black Friday sales, end of the year discount sales, and clearance sales along with many others.

  • The best feature to display many ads with one listing

Best of it

  • An attractive and eminent homepage that showcase your ads to the world.  You enjoy unlimited views

  • The unlimited view of our homepage gallery gives your ads that premium advantage over another listing..

How does it function?

  • The homepage feature display your ad in the topmost of the OzDial page for the maximum visibility

  • This feature can display up to 16 ads in a row. If you want to see more ads, you can refresh the page.

  • Attract customers as soon as your ad is placed on the OzDial homepage.

  • You are assured of lots of responses every day from the homepage and your normal ad view.

  • The homepage premium ads are shown for 7 days.

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