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Adding color borders and making the text bold to your job ads will help you stand unique from others which give your job-ads up to 200% increase in views and response than conventional job-ads.

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Why should you prioritize your job-ad?

  • The more your ad is different, the more people you are going to attract towards your job.

  • You attract potential candidates’ attention which helps you get loyal and quality professionals for your company.

  • Your advertisement will look very beautiful, courtesy of the border and bold text.

Best of it

  • This feature will help you stand out as being unique.

  • It will attract the best and quality candidates and makes you more known as an enterprise in the country.

How does it function?

  • The Priority Job feature helps to makes your job-ad fly in the indexed lists for greatest visibility. Coloured bordered will help the candidates to get attracted to the job more than other conventional job postings.

  • It will increase a sense of trust and confidence among the candidates.

  • The position of your ad does not get changed in the listing by the priority feature

  • The priority feature is applicable for service-related ads only, that is your job postings

  • The more attention you draw to your ad, the more the chances of you getting your next valuable employee!

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