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Top Ads are the best for attracting a targeted audience as well as progressively improving sales

Compared to other regular Ads, Top Ads had proven, time without numbers, to have attracted more views and sales of above 1000% increase. Top Ads copies your Ad’s content and position them strategically such that all your potential prospects/buyers get to see your advert on the first search page, get convinced and order your product/service. This Ad is highly recommended if you want to aggressively boost your sales.

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Why should you Top Up your Ads?

  • Ideal for luxury items with high demand

  • Means of boosting sales aggressively

  • Recommended for ads with many products/services

Best of it

  • With the Top ad, the Bump Up feature is not necessary

  • Your ads come up immediately in the first search page

  • Your sales will increase exponentially thereby turning in huge revenue within a short time period

How does it function?

  • Multiple ads in the range of 2 to 5 are displayed simultaneously, which enables visibility for other items as against displaying just one ad.

  • All vendors’ ads in this class get equal privileges, exposures, and opportunities; meaning you can compete equally with other big players.

  • High viewers to response rate due to increased visibility

  • As a result of the eminent position in the group, Top ads get the maximum views and replies from buyers.

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