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Urgent & Privileged

If you are looking for quick buyers for your amazing products, be smart by subscribing to Urgent & Privileged ads

This feature gives your advert the privilege to achieve a fast quicker sale. It works wonder by attaching a red banner to you ads; thereby giving you that distinct privilege from others. All over the world, the red colour is used to draw urgent attention. So use this attention to the fullest to draw traffic to your ads.

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Why should you go for Urgent & Privileged ads?

  • The red colour makes your ads distinct from others

  • Buyers have the opportunity to filter out URGENT sales as well as Privileged price items

Best of it

  • Customers have the privilege to filter using search words as urgent & reduced

  • The red feature gives your advertisement an immediately noticed distinctiveness

  • Your advertisement looks very beautiful, courtesy of the attractive red banner

  • Gives up to 3x (or 300%) more views and response that the conventional ads

How does it function?

  • The urgent feature is available in almost all the categories

  • This feature attracts a fast buyer looking for fast purchase

  • The ad will be displayed for 7 days after you subscribe to the urgent feature

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