Pay As You Go

Introducing PAYG Advertising

We offer premium services in our free package, however, some advanced features are paid.

No contract, no monthly fees, no setup or cancellation fee.

We offer a Pay-as-you-go Plan

You can top up your OzDial account Credit according to your usage

Reap the peace of mind by topping up credit upfront

No end of the monthly bills to pay

Topping up your account credit brings you earned credit

It’s easy, reliable and secure

Track your Advertising expenditure

Enjoy the Freedom with no lengthy contracts

Enjoy the Freedom with no lengthy contracts

Costs are less, full control over entire set up

Still allows you to upgrade your credit and swap around what fancy you the most and whenever you like-the freedom is yours!

Add Funds to your ‘‘My OzDial Account’’

With the payment method that you have on your account, you can add funds to the ‘My OzDial Account’. Purchased credit can be used for Jobs, ad Posting and Auctions.

What is the least amount of money I can start advertising with?

You can start featured listing by as little as $10 prepaid credit.

Do I need a Credit card to buy Prepaid Credit?

Yes, you’ll need a credit card or PayPal account to buy credit for My OzDial Account. Once that's done, you can choose to set up a direct debit from your credit card for ongoing payments. 

How do I add funds to ‘My OzDial Account?

To make sure your account is always ready when you need to use our service, you can set up auto top-up for ongoing payments.

Your OzDial account can be topped up manually or by auto-payment from the credit card. Each time your balance falls below $2.00 threshold, your saved credit card will automatically be charged at the increment of $10. You can close automatic recharge option anytime. If you do not use your credit, it does not expire.

How is money deducted from your ‘My OzDial Account’?

Money is deducted per post from your prepaid credit that you purchase if you choose to use extended features with us.

Where do I find my Account Balance?

You can view your purchased credit and earned credit in your account balance by logging onto your OzDial account on your dashboard.