Terms and Conditions for use of a Paid account on OzDial

These Terms of Use are intended to explain our obligations as a service provider and your obligations as a customer.

What it covers ?

This Agreement is about your prepaid/post-paid account on OzDial site which we refer to as 'My OzDial account'. This also applies for the subscription payments. It summaries your rights and obligations to us and our rights and obligations to you about your account and each service at OzDial which is linked to your account, which we refer to as 'Purchased Credit.

    Your rights and obligations

  • your right to choose the features on OzDial platform.
  • your obligation to keep a positive balance on your Prepaid account, to be able to use the features on OzDial more efficiently and seamlessly.
  • your obligation to keep your details up-to-date (e.g., means of contact and the feature to which you have subscribed as an ongoing one)
  • your obligation to pay all outstanding, fees and charges when your account is closed
  • your obligation to use the payment method lawfully and carefully when choosing the credit or the feature that you want.
  • Your obligation to read your content before publishing, choosing the feature carefully and to keep track of time until which you can edit your ad (e.g., Auctions can be edited only up until certain time).
  • your obligation to be aware that your payment has gone through and ensure your account retains a positive balance.
  • your obligation to refer to PayPal Refund policy. We use PayPal as our payment gateway, which attracts a certain fee when a refund is triggered.
  • your obligation to check the billing address. You can change your billing address anytime from your dashboard. Once the bill has been generated on an address we do not have a method to change the billing address on the past payments.
  • your obligation to read the notifications, emails that we send you from time to time regarding your account at ozdial.com.au. We cannot be held responsible for any charges or fees that correspond to misinterpretation or misinformation if you have missed reading what ozdial.com.au has notified you.

    Additional rights and obligations if you have taken our paid service

  • your right to advertise on OzDial platform in accordance with our policy
  • your obligation to keep informed with new updates and services with OzDial and update your advertisement in accordance with instructions provided as we update our service or features.
  • your obligation to correctly maintain your advertisement and use OzDial features at our request
  • your obligation to be aware of that the payment has gone through and which feature you have subscribed for and which subscription you want to quit this month and to ensure your account retains a positive balance.

    Our rights and obligations

  • Our right to charge fees and charges to your account when a service feature is subscribed or initiated on OzDial site.
  • our right to take action if you don't meet your obligations under this Agreement (which may include closing your account or combining the balance of your account with the balance of any other service, feature or account you may have with us)
  • our right to record and use the personal information you give us and to link the details of your account with PayPal or other payment gateway provider so we can correctly process the payment.
  • our obligation to treat your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Agreements for businesses (e.g., you may be a Dealer, Recruiter or Bulk Buyer)

If you have an account on OzDial and it is for a business, the person who accepts or signs these terms and conditions on behalf of the business represents that they are authorised to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the business.

When does your account on OzDial Start?

To be able to use our paid feature, you will have to have an account on OzDial. Complete ‘My Profile’ section and choose the purchased credit amount you wish to start with. It gives you an option to store your payment method and auto top-up option. You can nominate these auto setups depending upon your choice.

Your account will start once we receive a successful payment from you. You may add a service feature to your account and nominate the feature of your choice. The fee will be charged to your account. If you have earned credit in your account, it will be used before and then the payment will be taken away from the purchased credit. Our payment gateway will take out money from your wallet (My OzDial Account). You will have to set up a manual or auto top up to have enough credit in your account.

You agree that this Agreement will apply to you on and from the date that you set your profile on OzDial and your account starts, which may be a date in the past when you were a free user of OzDial site.

Linking service features to your account

You must select the feature that you want to link to your account. You may have multiple linked features on your account. For example, A user can list the business, add a deal, post a job and add a product for sale in our buy-sell auction section. You will not be able to select the service that is not available. As a registered user of OzDial, if the service gets selected you can add it to your advertisement.

Ensure your Details with us are Correct

You must ensure that all the details on your account are correct at all times. In particular, you must ensure that the details of the linked credit card/ debit card/ PayPal account on your account are correct. If the details for your linked payment methods recorded on our system are wrong, then you are responsible for updating those details by correcting those details yourself by logging onto your OzDial account at www.ozdial.com.au

If you sold your business or no longer want to run it or in any other instance, you are responsible for updating all the details on your OzDial account, and also removing any direct debit method linked to it. You remain responsible for all the fees and charges incurred by that linked payment method until you remove it from your account. You can choose to contact us at info@ozdial.com; however, we do not promise it will be attended to straight away. We hope to get back to you in 3-5 Business days. The fastest method is to login into your account and to change the details through your dashboard.

You must also ensure that all payments you make to us correctly identify you and your account. If you make payments to us without correctly identifying yourself and the account the money is to be applied against, we will retain those funds in an unidentified monies account for a period of at least six months. If you do not contact us and properly identify your funds within that six month period, we may retain those funds and are not obliged to return them to you.

Why is it important to confirm your identity?

You should record your user details and make sure you remember (and keep secure). Every advertisement on OzDial has its specific ID number. When contacting us it is important to mention the Advertisement ID mentioned on your listing. Specifically, for Auction placement, we do need your Photo identity proof. It can be your driving license, adult proof card or your Passport for security purposes. To reduce the number of spam listings it is important for us to confirm your identity. However, you can be assured that you are safe and we will not share your Identity proof with any third party. For more please refer to our privacy policy.